Liberal Attacks Miss Their Mark

by 28. September 2009 15:21

I find it rich that the Liberals, spearheaded by David McGuinty, are accusing the government of being "undemocratic" for giving their economic update today in Saint John.  Perhaps McGuinty could have benefited by running this talking points past some sort of focus group before running with it this morning.

Mr. McGuinty said the report card the Prime Minister is delivering Monday in Saint John will “give us more evidence the government is more incompetent. ... We think the figures that come out today will support our conclusion that we can no longer have confidence in the government.”

The Liberal MP criticized the government for making the announcement in New Brunswick, rather than in Parliament, accusing the Tories of being "undemocratic" for leaving town and the scrutiny of MPs and the media.

I don't know, it just seems a little silly.  I've never been to Saint John, but I do have family in New Brunswick.  I've never heard them speak about any deficit of media in the area.  I'm not sure what it is that McGuinty is getting at when he claims an announcement is NB is avoiding "the scrutiny of MPs and the media."   Certainly, there are quite a few stories published today in the media about this very announcement.

The Prime Minister must be doing a pretty good job on the economic front if the best the Liberal attackdogs can do is attack the media of Eastern Canada.

But all that said, it shouldn't be a surprise to anybody that the Liberals are trying to turn attention away from what's going on with their party in Quebec right now, resulting in Globe and Mail commentators warning Michael Ignatieff that he "had better watch his back" with so many Liberals questioning his judgment.